Hairy Dieters Week 7

This week was a bit more of a normal week than weeks 5 and 6 so it meant I got chance to try a few more recipes from the book.

First up was the Cod and Prawn Gratin, I really really loved this one, it was really simple to make, packed full of flavour and really filling.  I used cod,  smoked haddock and prawns, It would be easy to adapt with other fish and even raw prawns as I always prefer the texture of those when cooked.

Next up were the Meat and Potato Pies I’d been looking forward to making them to see how the pizza dough worked out as I don’t even use the packets for home made pizza. In all honesty it worked really well, it was light, crispy and not in the slightest bit doughy. The filling was delicious too, I really loved the heat from the chilli powder and chilli flakes.  I’ve cooked and frozen the spare 4 pies so will be tucking into those again soon. The only issue i had was finding some pie cases so I ended up buying pudding basins and folding the foil down so they were less deep.

After the success of the pies and the cod and prawn gratin the Chicken Jalfrezi had a lot to live up to and while it was really easy to make and pretty tasty there just seemed to be a little something missing from the flavour, I will make it again but i’ve got a few ideas for tweaking the flavours. It’s worth remembering that the calories in the book don’t include things like rice so make sure you’ve got a small portion of that or a chapati handy.

I also made a veggie pasta with some tomatoes and light mozzarella which turned out OK and having mozzarella in pasta was a nice change.

This week I’m planning on making the meatballs, chicken and mushroom risotto, coconut prawn curry and then maybe the gratin again or eating the pies I froze.


  1. VM
    Sep 24, 2012

    Thanks so much for these series of entries. They have been very helpful. Hopefully you’ll let us know your tweaks for the jalfrezi!

  2. Clare
    Oct 18, 2012

    found the cod & prwn a bit lacking in flavour , not sure what to add !! will try again but pretty good anyway

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