Hairy Dieters Week 6

Last week was an interesting week as we were away for a wedding on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and it was my wife’s birthday on Wednesday so there was a fair bit of eating out…although for the most part I did try to choose the healthier option…apart from the trip to Hickories where I did really spoil my self.

Anyway in the run up to the aforementioned treats I stuck to my plan, Monday I had the rum and pigeon salad I wrote about here, Tuesday was Hairy Dieters Special Cassoulet, which was for the most part pretty delicious, It was strange not having any bread, rice or cous cous with it to mop the sauce up with but I guess that’s the point, in future I’d almost be tempted to leave one of the meat’s out and replace it with a small portion of rice or cous cous. I thought the sprinking of orange zest was genius as it added a nice zing to the dish.

Thursday’s meal was the Thai coconut chicken from the book, It too was delicious…and came with a little bit of rice, the flavours were fresh and tasty although next time i’ll be adding some freshly sliced chilli to give it a bit more oomph.

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