Hairy Dieters Update

It’s been a while since my last blog post on the Hairy Dieters, I’m still loosing weight and exercising, although not quite as much as I’ve been a bit busy and full of cold.

I’ve been keeping up with eating mostly Hairy Dieters food mixed with my own recipes and the odd treat, I’ve even cooked a couple of recipes from the book that I’d not made before. The golden vegetable soup was really filling and really tasty, especially after I added a splash of Tabasco and some chilli flakes but the real star of the show was the bacon and asparagus flan, I substituted the asparagus for some broccoli which I’d blanched and added a few sliced mushrooms. I was a bit concerned that the pastry might be a bit soggy and the bottom and that with the lack of cream it would be more like an omelette than a flan but it really did turn out nicely, it was even really tasty for lunch the next day, although I did warm it up in the oven for a few minutes to crisp up the pastry.

I’ve even snook in the odd takeaway, fish n chips and Parmo. I’ve even  this parmo recipe using the bechamel from the Hairy Dieters book, used less cheese and baked the escalope instead of frying,

The hardest bit has been cutting out beer, but I’ve managed to cut right back most weeks and even cut back on the mid week G+T’s. Although on the weekend I tend to enjoy more treats and have a few beers, knowing that I’ll be back on the wagon on Monday.

With the arrival of the new Hairy Dieters book i’m planning on getting back on the wagon properly and going back to my 4×60 minute cross trainer sessions a week with the aim of loosing another stone or so but we will see how it goes. I’ve already cooked one recipe from the book, the stuffed chicken, it was seriously tasty and really easy so definitely one to try if you’ve got the book.

If you’ve not got the books you can buy them here and here


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