Hairy Dieters Week 5

Week 5 of my Hairy Dieters cook along has been a cracker, I made two new recipes and also re made the Stuffed peppers that I’d already made in week 2 both the recipes were great and I think I managed to improve on the stuffed peppers.

First up I made the Parma ham wrapped cod, mainly to see how it compared to my slightly less healthy cod recipes and my cod crusted with chilli, i’m please to report it was super simple to make and really delicious to eat.

I just had mine with the vegetables but I made a jacket potato for the wife. It would also go well with new potatoes and might be nice with some cherry tomatoes added to the vegetable mix.

Next up were the stuffed peppers, I’d loved them the first time round didn’t think the majority of breadcrumbs added much to the dish so i reduced the amount to 10g, didn’t mix it into the stuffing then sprinkled on the top of the stuffed peppers before baking to add a little extra crunch. It worked a treat, they added just that little extra bite without you actually noticing there weren’t any in the stuffing.

The 3rd and final Hairy Dieters meal for the week was their lovely lamb tagine, I was a little worried at first because it didn’t seem to have as many spices as I have in my version but it turned out really well, there was plenty of flavour and the lamb really came through too.

I cooked it in the slow cooker as thought it would be easier than doing it when I got in from work, I also served it with 40g of cous cous each that i’d put a few chopped up dates, spring onion and a tsp of harissa in, I think it worked out at an extra 100 calories, personally I think it was well worth it as there’s something about tagine that screams for cous cous.

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