Tested: Aladdin Bento Box

Since The Aladdin Bento Box arrived from Go Outdoors I’ve not been able to stop using it. It really is a great little bit of kit for spicing up lunchtimes.

As I mentioned in my original post, the Aladdin Bento Box has taken it’s insporation from the Japanese style lunch boxes so it’s designed to keep food hot or cold for up to 5 hours.

I’m delighted to say that so far it’s lived up to that claim.

The first test was keeping my ploughman’s lunch cold…I followed the instructions and filled the containers with cold water and let them stand while I sorted out the bits I was going to have for lunch. A few minutes later I tipped the water out, dried the tubs and filled them with my lunch.

4.5 hours later it was time to get stuck in, I twisted to the tops off both containers and tucked in, everything was just right, the cheese was nicely chilled without being too cold, the pickled onions were a little bit cooler and the crackers had stayed nice and crisp. Test number one was passed with flying colours.

Test number two came when I had some left over chilli con carne. I packed the larger of the two containers with chilli, microwaved it for a couple of minutes, then screwed the lid on, put some cheese and tortilla chips in the top container and set off for work, knowing that if the Bento Box didn’t keep the chilli warm I would at least be able to warm it up in the microwave at work.

Luckily I needn’t have worried, when I opened the chilli it was still piping hot, hot enough to have already melted the cheese in the pot on the top, not that this was a problem but next time I will try putting the cheese in the bottom tub. I was also initially worried about the funky blue discolouring from the chilli but it cleaned up really easily with no signs of staining.

The third test was soup…I wasn’t convinced that this would work very well, as there was no substance to keep it warm…the chilli had beans and meat to hold the heat in, the soup was just some vegetables I had blended up, this time it was straight from the pan and into the bottom container, lid on and then left on the worktop for just under 4 hours.

The soup had stayed warm and was warm enough to eat, although not as warm as I’d have liked it, not sure if this was down to the lack of pre warming or the soup it’s self, I guess I will have to give it another go to find out.

Overall I’ve been pretty impressed with the Aladdin Bento Box, its performed really well, I was especially impressed with the way it kept the chilli warm.  It’s not leaked despite  being rolled around in my car boot on the way to work and shaken really hard just to see if I could get it to leak.

The only real downsides I’ve found are that the separator doesn’t  seem to fit in the smaller of the 2 containers and with it being round it’s sometimes a little difficult to get square bits of food in. I’m not sure I’d use it for camping as it’s a little bit bulky but other than that it certainly beats old takeaway containers for taking lunch in and would provide a great way of taking hot food for lunch if you didn’t have a microwave at work

If you fancy brightening up you lunch time then the Aladdin Bento Box is available from Go Outdoors for just under £16  in their camping accessories department and comes in a range of nice bright colours. (click the photos below to see them full size)


  1. Danielle
    Nov 13, 2011

    Could you post the instructions for keeping the box hot/cold please? I’ve lost my instructions :( lol

    • Moggy
      Jan 27, 2012

      here you go

      Note: your microwave times may vary
      For hot foods: place cold or room temperature food in your container.
      With the lid off the container,place into microwave and heat for 1-1½ minutes.Stir contents.Microwave for an additional 1-minute.
      For cold foods:for best results,fill the food container with ice cold water and close.Let stand for 5-minutes.Remove water from the food container and fill with your favorite cold food.
      When filling food container,leave sufficient space to insert top.Do not overfill.Ensure the top is securely tightened after filling.
      Care & Use of Your New Food Container
      Wash the interior of your food container with a solution of warm soapy
      water or warm water with baking soda, then rinse with clear warm water.
      To remove stubborn stains,leave filled with solution of warm water and baking soda overnight with the lid removed. Soaking overnight produces excellent results.
      If your food container has not been used for some time, we suggest rinsing it with warm water to remove any taste or odor from previous use.
      Avoid heating foods in high oil, fat, sugar or tomatoes to prevent permanent stains.
      Keep solvents, abrasive and bleach products away from your food container.

  2. Moggy
    Nov 16, 2011

    HI Danielle, I’ll see if i can dig out the instructions for you

  3. Linda King
    Dec 12, 2012

    Hi my son age 7 is finding it hard to open the container is there an easy way to get it open?

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