Just In: Aladdin Bento Lunch Box

I had been looking at these in Go Outdoors a couple of weeks ago and thinking that they would be handy for livening up lunchtimes and great for picnics so when I was offered one to test I gladly said yes.

The Aladdin Bento Box comes in a range of colours and sizes (this one’s blue and the 950ml version) and is a  fully insulated, microwavable lunch box and like it’s Japanese inspiration contains dividers to keep your food separate.

aladdin bento lunch box

Hot or cold food for lunch, you decided..

The available 950ml space is separated into a 600ml compartment and a 350ml compartment, this means not only can you separate wet and dry food you can also take both hot and cold food with you. It also an inner divider so that you can divide the bigger of the tubs up say one bit for rice, the other for vegetables.

According to the blurb in the box you the insulation is good enough to keep your food hot or cold for up to 5 hours, not only that both containers are microwave safe so you can warm your food up and save on washing up. It’s also water tight so should be able to hold soup and other liquids.

All in all it sounds pretty impressive, especially if the insulation claims are correct. It definitely feels very solid.

I’ve already got some plans for chilli con carne with rice, left over curry and a few other things so expect a full review very soon.

Find out more in the camping accessories section over here. It’s currently on offer for £13.39

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