Berghaus Smoulder Hoody

A couple of weeks ago I was looking through the Berghaus website when I noticed they no longer do the version of the Smoulder Hoody (or is it Hoodie?) that’s been a constant companion on almost every walking trip for the last couple of years (including the coast to coast), it seems to have been replaced by a jacket version and a non hooded version.

I’m a little bit gutted to be honest as I was planning on getting another one as It’s been my favourite bit of kit for colder weather.

The smoulder is made from Polartec Power Dry High Efficiency fabric which feels like microfleece but with a waffle pattern, making it light and warm whilst wicking moisture really well. Just like the Berghaus zip neck base layers the zip is a really good length to allow for venting and for getting the top on and off quickly. The fit is snug (or maybe that’s my beer belly) but that means it’s great as a base layer, mid layer or outer layer so it works brilliantly as part of  a layering system, if like me you find it difficult to regulate your temperature on walks in the winter.

berghaus smoulder hoody

Above Blea tarn in my Smoulder Hoody

It weighs under 400g so is pretty light for what you’re getting, the hood makes you look like you are are wearing a wetsuit but offers loads of protection from the elements, the thumb loops stop it riding up when you’re wearing it under things whilst keeping your hands warm too. It also offers a surprising amount of protection from rain, as I found out on a recent trip round the Fairfield Horseshoe where It got soaked, still staying warm when wet and drying out really quickly was a bonus too.

It wasn’t cheap at £70 but it was been well worth the money, I’m not sure how different the full jacket version is (other than being a bit more expensive) so I’m going to try and find one in the shops to have a look at.

I’ll be upset if its completely changed as was hoping to get another one soon. On the other hand if it has improved like my newest Rab Baltoro Guide jacket had over the original one I bought many moons ago or my latest pair of Montane Terra Converts with their improved belt, zips and material it’s amazing how my 3 of my 4 pairs are all slightly different.


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  1. Name
    Feb 7, 2012

    sure you can find one of those hoddies on ebay/amazon, old stock.

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