Tested: Berghaus Long Sleeve Tech Tee Zip

Just before christmas Go Outdoors very kindly sent me a Berghaus Long Sleeve Tech Tee Zip which I gave my first impressions on here.

Since writing that post I’ve pretty much lived in it, whether I’ve been nipping to the shops, trundling across the moors or hitting the X-trainer on a morning this top has been part of my kit, I’ve worn it as a t-shirt, under various jumpers and coats and really given it a good hammering.

I’m pleased to report its every bit as good as my favoured old Berhaus X-staitc Tees. Berghaus’ new Argentium Tech T fabric uses silver-ion technology to keep sweat and smells at bay as well as offering permanent UV protection, I can’t comment on the UV protection as it’s not exactly bright sunshine here on the North East Coast but the material hasn’t got pongy yet, even after nearly a week of wearing it whilst on the X-trainer.

The material is soft against the skin yet seems pretty tough and resistant to marking, even when my mates dog caught it with its claws it didn’t leave a mark, apart form the mud that washed out nice and easily which is always a bonus. It seems to wick away moisture really well keeping you nice and dry, even when wearing a close fitting rucksack. This also means it dries really quickly when washed making it perfect for multi day trips because even if it doesn’t get smelly, if you end up with some mud or half your re hydraded spag bol down it you can give it a rinse knowing you won’t be stuck with a soggy t-shirt for the rest of the trip.

This active fit version is nice and snug with arms that are just the right length for me, the thumb loops help prevent the sleeves riding up when climbing over stuff (or running if you’re into that sort of thing), the zip offers great ventillation when needed and is well protected so doesn’t rub against your skin, unlike some of the reflective stripes down the side which do rub every now and then when wearing a rucksack, although I’ve not noticed them rub when I’ve not worn a rucksack so it could just be the way the sack sits on me.

There’s also a little pocket on the back of the top which comes in handy for sticking little bits and bobs in, although I’m not sure I would put anything valuable in it, other than that there’s not really much to say apart from I do really like this top and I’m happy it lives up to my old X-static tees, now if only they made it in bright green or orange!!!

As mentioned in my previous post, it comes in sizes up to XXL and a variety of different fits  and colours so you should be able to find one that fits well.

You can buy one from here for £29.99 they also do a thermal version which looks quite handy for the winter if you get cold easily or are going somewhere sub zero.

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