Wildcamping June 2009

One of my many hobbies is hiking and camping, a few years ago we discovered the delights of camping in the wild away from everyone else, since then we try to get out as much as possible. I intend to put short write ups on here with links to the photos, i probably won’t go into much detail as if people want to work out where we were or copy the route then they should be able to figure it out without me describing it too much.

Our tents well away from it all

Our tents well away from it all

Or most recent trip was just a quick trip and was used to acclimatise our friends new boxer puppy, Alfie to the hills and to life in a tent.

It started off warm but cloudy, then got misty at the tarn, cleared nicely at 5am but then misted over until 10ish when the sun burnt it off and it got up towards 27 degrees. We completed our walk, went to keswick, had a few beers and some food then headed off home.

Quick Kit List (everything in my rucksack…emily had a few bits in hers but not much ;o) )

  • Pack, Berghaus C7pro
  • Shelter, Terra Nova Laser large 3
  • Sleeping Bag, Alpkit pipedream 400 and Rab S3 – along with 2 jagbags silk liners (i slept on my bag in my liner it was that hot)
  • Sleep Mat, Alpkit slim airic, Stormlite self inflating mat (might swap the stormlight for a neo air at some point as our lass quite fancies one) oh and 2 of those nice mammut pillows
  • Stove, Jetboil
  • Fuel, Coleman 200 canister
  • Pot, the one that ocmes with the jet boil
  • Shell, Hagl√∂fs Lim ultimate and Montane air event pant
  • Insulation, Rab Generator Jacket
  • Worn, X-bionic engergiser boxers, x-socks airforce 1, berghaus x-static t, montane terra converts (in short form) scarpa nepal boots, Keswick mountain festival buff
  • Other,Petzl tikka plus, Petzl e+Lite, compass & tracklogs printed maps,Garmin Gps 60, plastic spoon, sunblock, shades, 2x orikaso folding cups (got them free so thought id give them a go), steripen with filter, 2 naglene style bottles, small first aid kit and small emergency kit, iPhone, camera and gorilla pod,Some hand wash stuff, lynx bullet, midgi spray,light folding trowel and toiler paper. Spare socks, extremeties powerstretch beanie
  • Food, Expedition foods spag bol, drytech pasta bolognese, couple of bags of crisps, some kendal mintcake, some flapjack, alpen in freezer bags with milk powder, teapigs chilli tea, normal tea + coffee, milk powder, jelly sweets, 2 bottles of real ale

The rest of the photos can be seen here

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