#ourc2c day 13 – Egton Bridge to Robin Hoods Bay

Firstly sorry this is a bit late, I wasn’t in any fit state to write this when we got home, mainly because I had supped quite a lot of IPA in the Wainwright bar in Robin hoods bay, but also because I was buzzing after realising I had just walked from one side of the country to the other.

Over the next couple of days I am going to post some summary posts along with a few things we discovered along the way, I will also get round to sorting out the millions of photos i’ve taken and upload them to flickr for you to nosey at if you like.

Anyhow, day 13 started with possibly the largest breakfast known to man, I left over half of it and it didn’t look like I had even made a dent in it.

We left the Horseshoe at Egton Bridge at around 09:30 with our destination being Robin Hoods Bay, approximately 18 miles away.

Some of the route we had already covered as it’s local to us, other bits were completely new so it was set to be an interesting day, the route takes you through Grosmont, famous for it’s roll in Harry Potter and Heartbeat along with its lovely station and steam trains. After this there was a long steep climb up onto the moor and to a lovely little village called Littlebeck, here we bumped into a couple of great guys who we’d met a few times during the walk and who we had a great day across 9 standards with, it was lovely to bump into them again as they were brilliant company.

We headed past the hermitage and falling foss waterfalls with them, then across more open moorland until we hit the coast, they stopped for lunch, we had none so decided to continue on to Robin Hoods Bay, Wainwright takes you the long way round, along the headland, rather than along the roads, we passed a sign saying it was only 2.5 miles but in reality we still had 5 to go as we followed the cliffs around to the top of the bay.

The weather was a bit hit and miss, one minute it was bright sunshine the next grey and drizzly, I was determined to finish as I started, wearing a t-shirt, and I did.

As soon as we got to the bay we headed down the steep bank, passing the pubs and shops to dip our boots in the sea and to throw the pebbles we had carried all the way from St Bees into the North Sea. Just as we were doing so we spotted Johnny Vegas (yes the one off the TV) apparently recording something for the radio, this was kind of surreal and hard to explain but we carried on with our celebrations and pictures before heading to the Wainwright bar for a celebratory pint or 6.

When we first arrived there were only a couple of coast to coasters in there, but as time went on more and more arrived, all met with a cheer and a celebratory toast, the guys we’d seen along the way soon rolled in along with the two couples we had spent a lot of time walking with), photos, drinks and stories were all exchanged before we had to head off to catch our lift.

Hopefully some of those we met along the way will read this and will get in touch! The walk wouldn’t have been the same without the people we met and became friends with along the way!!

It was a fantastic experience, but as I said earlier there are a few more blog posts to come so watch this space……

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