Coast 2 Coast update

In a couple of days we will be setting off on our Coast 2 Coast walk,  preparations had been great until last week when I got bitten whilst out walking, I had a reaction to what looks like a horse fly bite, as a result my ankle went bright red and swelled up, thankfully after a few trips to the walk in centre and the doctors and a course of antibiotics it seems to be clearing up.

I’ve spent the last few days finalising the route on my tracklogs software, printing the maps to PDF so I can put a backup in IBooks on my Iphone. I’ve now just got to print them all out along with the route cards for each day.

We’ve not started packing yet but most of the gear we are taking is spread around on the spare room floor while I try to decide what we should and shouldn’t be taking, travelling light isn’t too important as we are making full use of the Sherpa Van services but it all needs to fit into my kit bag.

On the sponsorship front we have raised £319.99 online, thanks to all who have donated, if you haven’t you can donate here. For those of you wondering where the 99p came from, @markdredge noticed we were just short of our target and deicded so sponsor us, leaving us 1p short of the £250 target, thanks Mark.

We’ve also raised a fair bit of cash offline too, I’m not sure how much yet as the sponsorship forms are still doing the rounds. I also had a very kind offer from Brodies Beers of £100 sponsorship if I wore one of their hats during the walk, so watch this space.

Chilli Muscle Rub

For hardworking muscles....

A big thanks also goes out to @dartmoorchilli who very kindly sent me some chilli muscle rub to keep us going along the way.

I’ve set up Pixel Pipe to post my photos here as well as to my chilliupnorth and beerreviewsandy twitter accounts, my flickr account and my facebook account and with any luck my Youtube account, so feel free to follow my progress on one or all of those, I will try my best to update it as often as possible along the route but it will depend on phone coverage and wifi signals.

Where possible on twitter I will use the hashtag #ourc2c

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