Self Employment Part II

Well that’s it, the end of my first month of self employment!! It’s certainly been a roller-coaster, we’ve sorted out a fair bit of stuff between the 4 of us  but we still have an awful lot to sort.

One of the highlights was launching our first client site in Brew Star, a cracking little new brewery up in Morpeth who asked us to build them a new website (which you can check out here).  Along with their website we also completed some branding for new Middlesbrough based  brewery, Trueffit Bewing Co which I for one can’t wait to see on the pumps in pubs.

We also launched our own website, which you can find at it’s still a work in progress so keep checking the blog for latest updates, also keep an eye on the portfolio which we will be updating as and when we launch new stuff. The sharp eye’d amongst you might notice that some of the sites say designed by Just Think on the bottom, that was the digital arm of the company I used to work for, so hopefully the number of sites with our name on the bottom will increase in the coming months.

There have also been some downs, mainly missing the craic in the office, although we are renting some space and I’m working from home a couple of days a week it’s a big change from what I’ve been used to in the past. The amount of paperwork and waiting for people to pay their bills is also something that’s going to take some getting used to but I’m sure it will all become normality sooner rather than later.

So keep your fingers crossed that April is a good month for us and keep your eyes and ears open for anyone looking for web design or development, creative design or print work and if you hear anything send them my way.

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