Hairy Dieters Week 9

Well this week was a bit of a crazy one as I was away for most of it, firstly in the final of the Sharp’s Connoisseurs Co competition (you will be able to read more about that here), then the day after getting back from the 800+ mile round trip I was in Manchester for a beer festival.

As a result I only ended up cooking 1 new dish from the Hairy Dieters book, It was the Spanish chicken bake, I had to use chicken breasts instead of thigh’s as I couldn’t get any thighs. Even with the breasts the dish worked really well, it tasted great, was really filling and had a nice level of chilli heat from the chorizo, It was really easy to make although did take an hour to cook. I also used a mix of different coloured tomatoes from the garden to brighten it up a little bit more.

Hairy Dieters Spanish Chicken Bake

Hairy Dieters Spanish Chicken Bake

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  1. Hucmeister
    Oct 22, 2012

    Have done the spanish chicken too a couple of times, with great success. Only thing I find is that I needed to extend the cooking time to ensure the tatties were cooked through, although it may be my cooker is slightly duff…

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