Busy, Busy, Busy

The last few days have been really busy, firstly there is work, shouldn’t complain in the current climate, but there is lots of it as a result i have lots going on in my head at the moment so im a bit all over the place.

Then we had a family BBQ at the inlaws, had a great time, drank lots of beer, played some darts and ate way too much yummy food.

The weather has also been nice and warm so it’s been a case of watering the plants every day, sometimes twice a day….on the plus side it has meant lots of ripe chillis and tomatoes along with some cracking spuds and carrots.

I’ve managed to fit in a couple of posts on my chilli blog including a couple of reviews and some wicked chilli recipes, i have also managed a couple of beer reviews and a brewery tour write up on the beer blog.

Im hoping to get out for a walk at the weekend but i have a feeling i will have lots of work to do so it might end up taking a back seat, we will see.

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