A couple of nice deliveries

I had a bit of a bad day today, things that should would, didn’t, things that were working stopped working and some stuff i needed to work just wasn’t playing ball.

Luckily i got a couple of deliveries to cheer me up, the first was my Rab Powerstretch grip gloves, that arrived back from the nice guys at Rab. My old ones broke so i sent them back and the guys there kindly agreed to replace them so it was just a case of waiting for their new delivery of them.

They are the best gloves i have ever had for hiking, they are warm, light and pack down really small, they are also really flexible so you can easily do your laces or zips up with them….so thanks to Rab my finger won’t go cold this winter.

The second delivery was more hiking gear, this time some X-socks trekking energizer socks, courtesy of james @ one outdoors/buy x-socks

Ill post some proper articles on the socks and x-gear soon as they deserve a proper post

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