Holiday to Parga – The hotel and surrounding area

As it was dark when we arrived we couldn’t see much, we could however see the beach, it was literally at the end of our balcony. We could also see the lights of many Tavernas and bars stretching along and round the corner, to what we later found out was the harbour and town centre.

The apartment it’s self was one of the best we have stayed in (the best if you discount the one we stayed in for Emily’s sister’s wedding where we had our own private pool, jacuzzi and free bar, mainly due to a booking cock up so they upgraded us for free).

Our room @ Utopia Studios

Our room @ Utopia Studios

The doors you can see at the end opened up onto the balcony which overlooked the beach, we couldn’t quite believe how close it was. This meant we could hear the waves lapping the shore all night long which made it extra relaxing.

The whole place was spotless and incredibly well looked after, which again was a bit of a surprise as it didn’t have a very high star rating, having staid that despite the fancy bathroom the plumbing was still like most of the places in Greece meaning that you had to put your loo roll in the bin, a bit yukky at first but you soon get used to it.

Below our room was a small cafe bar which was owned and run by the same people who owned the apartments, they were really friendly and helpful, they also server a nice array of hot and cold drinks and snacks.

The apartment was really well located, it was only a few minutes stroll into the town and only a few steps to a secluded cove called Piso Krioneri (more about that later). It was also close to a fab bakery and supermarket which came in handy for bottles of water and all sorts of lovely baked goods including the biggest croissants ever, not to mention bottles of Mythos.

The view from our balcony

The view from our balcony

In the photo above you can see a white wall just to the right of the lamppost, this is where the main row of Tavernas and bars started so you can see just how close the town was.

The resort seemed to be centred around the main strip but we found many bars and Tavernas all over the place, right up to and inside the castle at the top of the hill. The main attractions seemed to be the beaches, castles and olive groves to name but a few (but again more about those later)

With the exception of the climb up to the castle and the walk through the olive groves the resort was pretty flat, although both the castle and the beaches on the other side of the olive groves can be reached by road and boat so it would still be suitable for those with walking difficulties.

Parga as a whole was very clean and tidy, the locals seemed to take great care of their buildings and their surroundings, every morning the people who owned the sunbeds would clean them and give the beach the once over so it was in top condition for the day ahead.

Which brings me nicely onto my next post…the beaches, I’ll post about them very soon.

In the mean time you can check out all the pictures on flickr and all the videos on youtube.


  1. janet
    Sep 21, 2010

    im so glad i found your comments on parga. iv been looking for some feedback for ages. i booked to stay at the utopia next week. it looks a lovely place and area looks just great. sounds great. cant wait.

  2. Moggy
    Sep 21, 2010

    HI Janet, glad you found it useful! we had a brilliant time, there are some more photos on my flickr account (the link can be found on

    hope you have a fantastic time and the weather is kind to you!

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