Hairy Dieters week 19 and 20

Its the run up to Chrismas and things have been a bit hectic so here’s a quick breakdown of weeks 19 and 20, there was a parmo as a treat one night but I just made sure I went on the cross trainer the next day, my cross trainer sessions have slowed a bit but I’m still keeping my weight down..apart from 1 week where I put 2lbs on which i’ve now lost.

Week 19:

Cajun chicken + Harrisa chicken…. I had the harissa chicken and my wife had the Cajun chicken, served both of them with the sweet potato wedges and a big salad. Delicious and simple.

Cottage pie – when I made the cottage pie a few weeks ago I seperated some portions into foil dishes I had from the meat pies, i topped with the leek and potato mash then froze them…defrosted before cooking and served with loads of green veg….tasted even better than when it was fresh, definitely one to make a big batch of and freeze.

Burgers – I made the burgers again, freezing 2 of them, only used half a bun per person and topped with some chipotle paste instead of basil and tomatoes. Can’t wait to try these on the BBQ in the summer, they work really well on the griddle pan.

Veggie stir fry – just my own simple veggie stir fry with a bit of sweet chilli sauce and water as the sauce. Served with half a packet of Tilda microwave basmati rice.

Week 20

Veggie stir fry – the peppers and veg we had in the fridge fried with a little bit of bacon and a splash of sherry, water and soy sauce. Served with Tilda rice.

Pork and Prawn balls – this is the 3rd time i’ve made them now and they still hit the spot, filling and full of flavour, one of my favourite recipes.

Chilli con carne – my own recipe but not too dis similar to the one in the Hairy dieters book.

Pork shoulder in kriek beer – a recipe I had in Belgium that I recreated, providing you don’t have a huge portion it’s not got too many calories.




  1. Steve
    Jan 4, 2013

    Sounds like you’ve been getting on well with the book! We just bought it for Christmas and have tried the burgers and one of the salads so far – totally agree about the BBQ, those burgers will be very nice.

    Have you managed to lose any weight using the book – clearly with some excercise too :-)

    • Moggy
      Jan 4, 2013

      Cheers Steve and enjoy the book, I’ve lost 2.5 stone plus .5 stone I put back on. I’ve probablyut a bit back on over Christmas so back on the book and exercise soon.


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