Hairy Dieters Week 16

This week the Hairy Dieters cookbook threw a couple of cracking recipes up.

Firstly the gammon and parsley sauce…we have gammon quite a bit but usually with egg, beans and chips, so the parsley sauce was a new one to me, It tasted fantastic and worked really well with the smoke in the gammon. I served it with a small jacket instead of new potatoes as It’s just what I had in the cupboard.

Next up I used some of the Hairy Dieters burgers I froze a few weeks ago, instead of using mozzarella I topped them with  a bit of halloumi that I’d griddled along with some red onion and I only used 1/2 a bun each.  The burgers had frozen really well and kept their shape when I defrosted and cooked them.

The final recipe I made from the book was the cottage pie, which is topped with leek and potato mash, I was a little worried when I first cooked the mince that it had a bit too much tomato in but  once it had reduced it tasted delicious and is possibly one of the most moorish recipe’s in the book, I had a couple of pudding basins left over from when I made the Hairy Dieters pies so I made a couple of mini pies to freeze for in the near future.

I also cooked a revised version of my Chilli Up North Con Carne using beef skirt, I’ll blog that recipe on there soon.

This week I’m going to either do the Cajun chicken again or possibly the harissa chicken but with the Sweet potato wedges from the Cajun chicken and a little bit of extra chilli.  I’m also going to give the steak a go as I’ve not tried that one yet.

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  1. Worm
    Nov 28, 2012

    Good blog fella. Very interesting to read your comments on the Hairy Dieter recipes, and they pretty much match my thoughts on the ones I have made so far for me and Mrs Worm.

    The Jambalaya in particular was very good, and the meatballs are on the menu tonight.

    Just so I can claim to have contributed something useful, you might like to check out Jamie Oliver’s Green Chilli. It’s a great low fat recipe using pork mince, and much lighter than standard Chilli. A firm favourite in our house.

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