Hairy dieters week 15

This week was all meals id made previously although i tweaked some of them.

First up I made the Thai coconut chicken with the left over coconut milk from last week, I added some extra vegetables and chilli to bulk and spice it up a little bit, it’s a cracking recipe and is really tasty and even quicker to actually make so perfect after a hard day at work.

Next up we’re the stuffed peppers, I made them the same as I did last time by using less breadcrumbs and just sprinkling them on top the peppers, I served them with a nice big filling salad.

Finally I made a risotto which used the recipe out of the book as a base, but left out the chicken and put some ribbons of courgette in a little bit of spicy sausage meat that I fried then crumbled in.

This week I’m doing the gammon with parsley sauce, using the burgers that I froze a couple of weeks ago then some pasta followed by beef skirt chilli con carne using my recipe from chilli up north.

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