Hairy Dieters Week 14

This week has been a rather busy one but I managed to squeeze 4 recipes from the Hairy Dieters, They were all recipes I’d cooked in previous weeks but I tweaked a couple of them because of what I had in the fridge, I also knocked up a new pasta recipe then blew all the hard work with home made pizzas on Friday and a Thai meal on Saturday but like i’ve said on a few occasions, it’s the treats that help keep things real and keep cravings away.

First up was the Cajun chicken, I had the spice mix left over from version one and some yoghurt in the fridge so decided this was the one to make, It’s still one of my favourite recipes from the book, it’s really quick, easy and filling.  I didn’t have any chives so used a bit of dried mint in the yoghurt to make the dip.

Next up was the Coconut Prawn Curry that I made in week 8, I used homegrown cherry tomatoes in the recipe and threw in a few extra vegetables, also served it with some brown rice, it’s really tasty but it’s definitely better made with fresh raw prawns than cooked ones as they are softer and take on more of the flavour.

I then used the left over prawns to make the Pork and Prawn noodle broth, which I think is actually my favourite recipe from the book, I spiced my portion up with a bit more chilli and added some sugar snap peas to the recipe to bulk it out a little.

On Thursday I made some pasta with the left over peppers, mushrooms, a tablespoon of low fat cream cheese, tablespoon of pesto and a couple of slices of ham plus a tiny bit of Parmesan grated on the top.  I also used a small piece of ciabatta as garlic bread which I borrowed from  the fish stew recipe in week 4, It worked out really well and didn’t have too many calories, I’ll refine the recipe and blog it soon.

Then for our final meal of the week I made the roast fish recipe, I used a couple of pieces of Haddock and instead of using breadcrumbs and parmesan I used a teaspoon of left over pesto per person, which I spread on the fish before wrapping with the ham. It worked a treat there was just enough flavour from the pesto to add to the fish but not over power it and it worked really well with the roast vegetables.

For week 15 I’ll be re making the chicken and coconut curry with the left over coconut milk from last week, the stuffed peppers Ive made twice before and then probably a risotto of some description.

I’ve been asked a few times now what I’ve been doing for breakfast and lunch so I’ll blog a few examples later in the week.

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