Hairy Dieters Week 13

This week I didn’t cook an awful lot from the Hairy Dieters book as I’ve been really busy and had a fair bit of stuff to use from the freezer. I did however make the Chicken Korma for the first time, which was really tasty although being a chilli head I preferred the jalfrezi. I also re made the beef in ale stew that I cooked in week 10 but used Truefitt’s Holgate Red as the beer as I had a cask of it.

As a bit of a treat I cooked the famous Teesside Parmo (recipe here) but in a nod to the Hairy Dieters I used the bechamel sauce from their Lasagne recipe that I cooked all the way back in week 2, I also baked the chicken instead of frying it as well as using smaller chicken and less cheese…still not exactly healthy but nice as a treat.

Oh I also made some Sprout and fennel soup which was delicious and a great way of using left over sprouts up.

In other news I took my wedding ring to the jewellers at the weekend and apparently I’ve dropped 3 1/2 ring sizes since buying the ring.

Hairy dieters chicken korma

Hairy dieters chicken korma

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