Hairy Dieters Week 12

11 weeks in and I’m now running out of main meals to cook so I’m going to start re visiting and tweaking some of the ones i’ve already cooked as well as trying to make some more recipes up of my own.

Week 11 was 3 new meals from the Hairy Dieters plus some pasta and some felafel, the felafel was Simon Rimmer’s packet mix, it’s pretty tasty and goes great with hot sauce.

First up was the pork and prawn noodle broth, I almost didn’t cook this one because I thought the dumplings looked a bit insipid and grey in the book, but I am so glad I did now as it was absolutely delicious. I couldn’t get any really thin rice noodles so ended up using thin rice ribbons instead which soaked up a bit more of the sauce the flavours were fantastic though, really fresh and light with plenty of chilli kick. The stock was a bit of a faff around for a week night…It might actually be one of my favourite recipes from the whole book.

I then used the left over prawns and some chicken and chorizo I had in the freezer to make the Hairy Dieters Jambalaya, for some reason I didn’t have any long grain rice in the cupboard so I used Paella rice instead, it turned out really well, the recipe isn’t too dissimilar to my spicy prawn rice or Picante Paella recipe. It’s tasty, filling and really easy, It would also go nicely with the garlic croutons from the fish recipe I cooked in week 4

Friday saw me cooking the Chicken and ham Tangle pie, I was slightly worried by the lack of herbs or spices in the recipe but again I needn’t have worried, the pie tasted gorgeous and the filo top looked fantastic, although it was a bit hard to slice up into portions. It served it with loads of vegetables and a couple of steamed new potatoes, everyone was full afterwards and said it was really tasty so It definitely gets the thumbs up.

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