Dieters breakfast, lunch and snacking.

I‘ve been getting asked what I’ve been doing for breakfast, lunch and snacking, I’ll be honest I’ve not been doing an awful lot.

Breakfast usually comprises of cereal, Muesli or a couple of slices of brown toast with lighter spreadable butter, jam or honey. If I’m feeling a bit different I’ll get some crumpets or tea cakes. I have made the hairy dieters full English and that was delicious but not something I could have every day.

Lunch is generally a warburtons square wrap with either ham, chicken or a sandwich filling in plus lots of lettuce and salad. When I’ve not fancied a wrap I’ve used pitta breads or had a bowl of soup. Generally lunch comes in between 200 and. 300 calories which when you compare to a lot of the snack pots, off the shelf sandwiches and snacks is quite a difference.

Drink wise I start every morning with a cup of fresh coffee and a glass of water then maybe have 1 cup of tea a day plus a glass of either blackcurrant or orange juice and maybe a hot chocolate on a night.

Snack wise I’ve mainly been eating fruit and nuts but there has bee the odd bag of crisps, donut or bit of chocolate but its all been with in my daily calorie allowance of about 1600.

I’ve cut right back on beer during the week and don’t think I drink as much on a weekend, I’ve also had a bit more gin and slimline tonic lately too.

The big difference has been tracking everything I’ve been eating and drinking on the my fitness pro app on my iphone and ipad, it’s a fantastic free app that let’s your enter all of your food and exercise in and it tracks it all for you, it lets you scan barcodes too which is really handy for entering food.

Exercise wise I’ve been hitting the cross trainer between 2 and 4 times a week for 45mins at a time, I’ve eased off a little over the last few weeks as I’ve been full of but I’m hoping to get back on to it this week.

In total I’ve lost just over 2.7 stone but I’ve put a bit of weight back on here and there which I’ve lost again so now it’s about keeping it going.

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