Marstons: Ashes Ale (4.1%)


Ashes Ale

saw this when doing the weekly shop, so snuck it into the trolley as I’m a sucker for new ales.
I wasn’t expecting it to be great for £1, but thought I’d save it to watch with the cricket as seen as it’s name is cricket related.

The label says it’s an easy drinking pale ale, crafted using the finest English hops.

It’s definitely light and drinkable – it smells and looks very light with a hint of hoppy spiciness. It tastes quite crisp, almost lager like buy with a nice hoppy tingle.

At £1 I think it’s a decent beer, not sure I’d pay much more for it though.

Marstons Own Tasting Notes: Marston’s Ashes Ale is back for 2009. This is a very easy drinking light coloured pale ale at 4.1% ABV, is brewedwith passion and desire to beat the Aussies and cheer the England Cricket team to victory. So kick back and enjoy your Ashes Ale with England this summer.

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  1. Dubbel
    Jul 17, 2009

    I find Marstons beers so unadventurous these days. Their monthly and seasonal ‘specials’ are overly malty, dull as ditchwater and all taste the same. Pedigree was great 10 or more years ago. Sadly, they’re a last resort brewery for me now.

  2. andyMogg
    Jul 17, 2009

    i know what you mean, some of them are a bit bland, i had their stout a few weeks back and wasn’t impressed at all….i don’t think they would class as a premium ales!

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