BrewDog: 77 Lager (4.9%)

I recently ordered some Zeitgeist from Brewdog using their 70% discount code, I thought it would also be a good chance to reduce the postage and order some 77 Lager and some Dogma.

Brewdog 77 lager

Brewdog 77 lager

77 Lager is BrewDog’s attempt at making a lager that actually tastes of something. It’s brewed with 100% malt and fresh hops. The first thing you notice (other than the cool bottle) is the colour of the lager. It’s a lot deeper and more amber than ‘normal’ lagers. It has a decent head and a fair amount of carbonation, it’s not got a lot of body but then you wouldn’t expect a lager to have that.

77 is surprisingly hoppy and light with a nice crisp finish; it is definitely one to drink chilled and something you could sup a fair few of, its not too strong either at 4.9% ABV.

Overall I was pretty impressed, I could certainly see this selling in big packs in the supermarket and going down well at parties and BBQs.

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