A storm brew(dog)ing in a Tea cup

There seems to be a lot in the press today about the release of BrewDog’s new 18% tokyo* beer, it would seem the press have latched onto it and aren’t letting go.

Now this might upset a few people but we have a feeling its something BrewDog planned, what better way to get some free publicity than brew something completely different and uber strong. (ED: I agree).

I can see where the press are coming from as there are a lot of units in one 330ml bottle, infact probably enough units for it to be classed as binge drinking,  but your average drinker isn’t going to spend £10 (plus postage) on a single 330ml bottle of beer when they can nip to their local supermarket and buy 20 cans of mass produced beer, which is easier to drink a large amount of than most strong craft beers or a large bottle of very strong spirit which by all accounts will do you more harm than a bottle of Tokyo.

As readers of the blog will know, we BrewDog fans, some of their beers are simply awesome, we love their branding and their ideas but as much as id like to try it £10 a bottle for tokyo is a step to far from me.

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